Industrial Cleaning

The products resulting from production activities contaminants over time the areas of production and industrial equipment. They can seriously affect the final product, and cause downtime or unexpected stops. These stops are costly and increase the price of the product diminishing productivity. Maintaining cleanliness of equipment, production areas, industrial equipment and ventilation systems cleaned and decontaminated, not only helps prevent those stops, but also extends the life of the equipment.

BMS Technologies Hellas is equipped with the resources and expertise needed for industrial cleaning. Such as cleaning, decontaminating and recovering all sorts of equipment, electrical, electronics, ventilation systems, etc. Our goal is to interfere in short time in their production processes. Our operations are scheduled according to the programmed maintenance schedule. Some of our industrial cleaning methods can be applied during production without the need for stops. In BMS Technologies Hellas we understand the needs of delicate work such as cleanroom air, explosive atmospheres, or other controlled environments. We have the necessary experience in industrial cleaning and equipment to work in this type of environment, sterile or no, and complying with the highest standards of cleanliness, safety and testing protocols.

Industrial Cleaning Services

  • Audit preparation
  • Production lines cleaning
  • Exhaust systems cleaning
  • Logistics superstructures cleaning
  • Silo cleaning
  • Condenser cleaning (coils and cubing)
  • Raw material transmission systems cleaning
  • Vacuum type systems cleaning
  • Cleaning for addressing mold remediation
  • Surface protection treatment
  • Inspection and scheduling of recurring maintenance points
  • Grey water drains cleaning your social media marketing partner